Aims & Scope
We publish a multidisciplinary international scientific journal. It comprise the main areas of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts (SSHA). From Anthropology, Psychology, Economics, Archeology, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Social History, and Sociology to Philosophy, History, Linguistics & Language Studies, Literature & Arts. SWS journal of Social Sciences & Arts (SSA) explores the common ground between objective and subjective approaches towards arts, human mind, society and their relations with the natural world. Thereby, SWS society answers the immense need of multidisciplinary scientific approaches towards the pressing issues of the modern world. We aspire to re-establish the broken bridges among the various disciplines of scientific knowledge, Humanities & Arts.

The journal aims are to establish a worldwide open access forum for discussing and sharing scientific theories, methods and experiments. The increasing amounts of data collected throughout the globe these days has ambiguous qualities. On the one hand, we witness a state of abundance of information and technological improvements, but on the other hand, all the scientific fields are so specified in their own area, that they could hardly understand and exploit each other’s achievements. We believe that the future of our planet depends on our mutual efforts and interdisciplinary co-operation. Therefore, we welcome submissions on wide range of SSHA topics.

The SSA Journal Scope covers two main scientific sections with their respective subdomains:

І. Social Sciences:
1. Political Sciences
2. Law
3. Economics and Finance
4. Business and Management
5. Anthropology and Ethnology
6. Psychology and Psychiatry
7. Sociology and Social Work
8. Education and Educational Research
9. Cultural studies
10. Media and Communications
11. Information and Library Science
12. Human Geography and Demography
13. Digital societies, Transformations and Healthcare
14. Urban Studies
15. Planning and Development

ІІ. Humanities and Arts:

1. Law and Politics
2. History
3. Philosophy
4. Archaeology
5. Museology & Heritage studies
6. Medieval & Renaissance Studies
7. History of Art
8. Performing & Visual Arts
9. Architecture & Design
10. Literature & Poetry
11. Language & Linguistics