The following types of manuscripts could be considered for peer-reviewed publication in SWS Journal of Social Sciences & Arts (SSA):

  • Original articles and researches – original and novel articles (both theoretical and empirical) that elaborate upon the current achievements, tendencies and discoveries in a specific area related to our journal’s aims and scope.
  • Book reviews/Review articles – reports on authenticity or scientific quality, overviews of other books, articles and possible tendencies of the scientific knowledge considering the multidisciplinary area of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts. Before writing or submitting a review, you are expected to contact the responsible executive editor.
  • Critical articles – critical look upon specific topics concerning the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. Manuscripts that shed light on personal opinion, practical or theoretical impact upon the related area. Articles that stimulate the exchange and the progress of ideas among scientists.
  • Art projects – Presentational manuscripts of artistic projects, performances, installations and their possible impact and applications. Psychological experiments and materials on the medicinal benefits of Art therapy considering the journal’s aims and scope.
  • Technical descriptions or articles - manuscripts presenting novel achievements and advances of technological, theoretical or methodological developments within the scope of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts. The submitted works should be concise but exhaustive within the discussing subject matter. Descriptions, software manuals or highly detailed technical information could be attached as supplements to the main body of the manuscript. 
  • Education researches –manuscripts on pedagogical or communicational developments and methods within the main branches of Social Sciences, Humanities & Art. Academic researches on reception and future of the respective disciplines.  
  • Proofreading and corrigenda – The submitted paper should clearly refer to the corrected articles as follows: “Title”, “Journal”, “Year”, “Volume” and “Page”.