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SWS International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences

"Social sciences in the challenges of the 21st century"

ISCSS 2019 (ISSN: 2682-9959)


1. Section Political Sciences (SS)

2. Section Law (SS)

3. Section Economics and Finance (SS)

4. Section Business and Management (SS)

5. Section Anthropology and Ethnology (SS)

6. Section Psychology and Psychiatry (SS)

7. Section Sociology and Social Work (SS)

8. Section Education and Educational Research (SS)

9. Section Cultural studies (SS)

10. Section Media and Communications (SS)

11. Section Information and Library Science (SS)

12. Section Human Geography and Demography (SS)

13. Section Digital societies, Transformations and Healthcare (SS)

14. Section Urban Studies (SS)

15. Section Planning and Development (SS)



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